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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

FrostyOak Jason

FrostyOak Jason June 2010 1/4 CB/TB Colt

Aspen X Apple

FrostyOak Skye Eyez 2001 15.3 hands, has evented and done local hunter shows.
FrostyOak Calculated Risk 2002 16.0 currently in Ithaca showing locally, has done some eventing, hunter, jumper. Brindal loves to free jump even when let loose in the arena.
FrostyOak Contemplated Risk 2003 15.3 hands, she drives, used for lessons and does hunter shows.
FrostyOak Fantasia 2006 16.2 and growing. Used in local hunter shows and dressage. Has shown some CB shows also.
FrostyOak Greer 2007 16.0 and growing, she is owned by a trainer down below State College. Is said to be the smartest horse he's ever owned. Family loved, trail ridden, etc.
FrostyOak Wicked Good 2009 15.2 at 2 years of age and growing. His owner picked him out for a future event horse and since he jumps anything and everything he can, seems it was a good choice!
FrostyOak Jenna 2010 She went to live with her full sibling Greer. They liked Greer so much they came back for Jenna!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Offspring of Frosty Oak Stables

FrostyOak Garrett 1/2 CB/TB Colt (Idlehour Yorktown X I Wood)
FrostyOak Touch Wood 1/2 CB/TB Stallion (Forbes Native Statesman X I Wood)
Skipper 1/4 CB/TB/Halflinger/Belgian Gelding (All Eyez On Me X Sadie)
FrostyOak Unwritten 1/2 CB/TB Mare (Tregoyd William X I Wood)
FrostyOak Unwritten
Dublin 1/4 CB/TB Colt (All Eyez On Me X Browneyedvalentine)
FrostyOak Dynamic Fate 1/4 CB/TB/Qh (All Eyez On Me X Choc Full of Grace)
FrostyOak Knock On Wood 1/2 CB/TB mare (Ramblers Richard Lionheart X I Wood)
FrostyOak Contemplated Risk 1/4 CB/TB/Perch Mare (All Eyez On Me X Acceptable Risk)
FrostyOak Contemplated Risk
Blair's Maple Run 1/4 CB/TB/Morgan (All Eyez on Me X Roxanne)
FrostyOak Prideful Eyez 1/4 CB/TB mare (All Eyez On Me X Eternal Pride)

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

FrostyOak Hannah

FrostyOak Hannah is a May 2008 1/4 Cleveland Bay/ TB filly. She is a lovely long mover. Willing to learn and loves people. She is a natural jumper.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Weanlings of 2010 and Isabella

FrostyOak Jenna June 2010 1/4 CB/TB/Perch
FrostyOak Jenna and FrostyOak Jackson ( 1/2 CB/TB colt Aug 2010)
FrostyOak Isabella Nov 2009 1/4 CB/TB/Welsh/QH Filly
Juliet, medium hunter pony prospect 3/4 Welsh/TB

FrostyOak Intrepid

FrostyOak Intrepid June 28, 2009 PURE Cleveland Bay colt (Idlehour Lion's Share X Peters Creek Jasmine) this colt will be 16.3 to 17.0. He is kind and gentle with great bone. Has a hernia and can be priced with or without hernia repair.

FrostyOak Ian

FrostyOak Ian is one of 7 of this cross. He is a yearling born June 14 2009. He is 1/4 CB/TB/Perch and very friendly and athletic. This colt LOVES to free jump. He did have an injury Dec 2009 and was left with a scar on his right front pastern, but he is heeled and his hoof is growing normally. 100% sound.

FrostyOak Isaac

FrostyOak Isaac May 30, 2009. 1/4 CB/Welsh, 1/2 TB (All Eyez On Me X Silver Snaffles Kristamint). This colt was bred to jump. Dam has some very successful "A" hunter offspring. Isaac may just stay large pony!