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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Pictures of the girls.

Here are pictures taken July 24th in the evening. Elliott is getting taller and more elegant. She was a little nervous as we brought her out of the pasture for her photo shoot and there were people walking up and down the road and the dog was barking!Fanny is the second and is starting to shed out to a dark bay! What a surprise for all of us and a pleasant one! And then there is Fanny trying to sneak a drink from Felicity's mom Tristan while Tristan was eating! I think she thought going in the back door was safer! Eloquence is finally starting to get out of her gangly stage! She is almost 13 months old now and as pretty as her mom is she I think will turn into a swan!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Horses For Sale

I have the following horses for sale. Pictures and information can be seen below. If you are interested in more then one. I will do a discount up to 10% off the total price depending on the amount of each horse.
Legacy Contention 4 year old CB/TB Mare $8,000
FrostyOak Touch Wood 2 year old CB/TB Colt $6,500
Swing and a Miss 2 year old Welsh/TB Filly $7,500
Early Dismissal 2 year old POA/Welsh Unreg Filly $800
Canadian Bacon 1 year old TB/Perch Colt $1,500
FrostyOak Elliott 1 year old CB/TB Filly $2,000
FrostyOak Eloquence 1 year old CB/TB Filly $2,000
FrostyOak Fantasia Weaned CB/TB/Perch Filly $2,000
FrostyOak Ferdinand Weaned CB/TB Colt $1,500
FrostyOak Felicity Ready to be Weaned CB/TB Filly, planning to keep but will sell for $7,500

All prices are firm unless special arrangements are made or multiples are bought. I am due to have a baby in Sept and am motivated to downsize!

Early Dismissal

Why is Dizzy still here? I can't figure it out! She was two in March and will mature top of the line large, she is a pretty mover and has a super temperament. This one has been saddled and bridled in her yearling year. She has been hauled, walked around a show once to see what it was about, loves attention and people. She is only $800 and is worth much more then that!

Swing and A Miss

This is Daisy who is a 2 year old by Halcyon Sir Lancelot and out of Concrete Angel a proven TB show mare. Daisy will mature top of the line large. She is eligible for half welsh registration and I would glady process that. She was 2 on May 26th and has a loving personality. She is a natural jumper. We have a video of her from June 2006 showing walk, trot, canter and free jump. Her price is now $7,500 but will increase with training, she will be started this fall.

FrostyOak Touch Wood

Here are pictures of FrostyOak Touch Wood, a 2 year old 1/2 CB/TB colt out of I Wood and by Forbes Native Statesman who is now deceased. Durango as we call him should mature at least 16.2, as mom is 16.1 and dad was 17.2. Durango has a super temperament and has all his basic ground work and manners in place. He would make an excellent stallion prospect, or a super gelding. He has a big stride and could cover ground cross country or foxhunting. He has not been backed or lunged yet, as he is only two, but I've popped my toddler on him and he could care less. $6,500.