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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tack Items For Sale

 Ariat Fat Baby Boots Ladies 7.5 Worn only once indoors. 60.00

 Pytchley new in box dress boots ladies 7 slim calf 125.00
Pytchley field boots. Ladies 7 slim calf. Worn once or twice, only slightly broken in 125.00

Three NEW Stubbs Saddle Minder English Locking Saddle Racks 1 black/yellow 25.00

 Quilted Wraps set of four 16" tall SOLD , 16" tall standing no bow wraps set of 2 10.0.
 Harry Hall Hat/Glove set, cotton, great for a quick cover up. Have 4 sets. 3.00 each.

 Cottage Craft New grooming kit, set of 6 or 7 items (body, face, curry, sponge, hoof pick for sure) 5.00
 Mini pony or foal halter. I have 2 of these 5.00 each
 Skin Renovator Hydro Gel and Spray, pack of two items Retail 16.99, 5.00 each. I have TWO sets of this.
 All purpose pad with fleece outer and pimple grip inner. I will toss in wash before shipping. 15.00
5" Curb Bit NEW SOLD
5" Full Cheek Rubber Mouth Used SOLD
Used 4 ¾" Mullen Mouth Half Cheek Driving Bit 8.00
5" NEW Half Cheek Snaffle Driving Bit 10.00
4 1/2" Mullen Mouth Eggbutt SOLD
5" Mullen Mouth Eggbutt 10.00

 NEW Green with fancy stitching COB nylon halters, padded on nose and crown. One left. 10.00

New Halters Maroon/mauve Horse 5.00
Red Nylon Horse with elves 10.00
Green/Gray Horse SOLD

 Black Pony/Cob hind shipping boots, no tears, marks 20.00
 Childs Large Sweater by Millers new but has some dirt 15.00
 Hind shipping boots, padded but mis matched 10.00 or 5.00 if you buy something else.
Yearling Blue New but faded nylon halter. 10.00
 Riding Sneakers, new but have some peeling. Size 1 UK, or 33 European Kids 10.00
 Korsteel Flexi Bit Blue 5" Full Cheek Brand New 20.00
 14" older all purpose.Made in Argentina has a serial number, knee rolls and padded flaps 100.00
54" Harry Dabbs Brown Leather Girth almost new 15.00
      Girths listed in order below
36" White/Brown Web Girth 3.00
38" Brown Cotton Girth 3.00
40" Brown Cotton Girth 3.00
44" NEW Black Neoprene Girth elastic end 15.00
54" Brown Neoprene Girth elastic end 7.00
46" Black Gel Neoprene Girth, elastic end 10.00
                                                               Girths listed in order below
42" Brown Leather Girth with plate 10.00
54" Weaver Leather Girth Brown 15.00
34" Leather Girth Brown 10.00
20" Black Leather Dressage SOLD

 Assorted horse size halters. All are normal horse size and brand new other then the orange one. $10.00 each. Only one left is the brown/tan one.

Horse size leather show halter, does need cleaned I can do it for a small fee. Comes with matching lead. On the nose and cheeks are silver stars. Adjustable three way on the bottom. $30.00

 New engraved 4" pony curb bit with medium port 15.00 have two.
Pair NEW Rubber Stirrup Pads Black  4 3/4" 1.00 each (have a lot)

Galloping Boots Black Leather 15.00
Leather Pony Harness, fits 12 to 13.2, NOT Indian leather but older 100.00
15" older Crosby Prix Des Nations, no knee pads, plain flap 75.00



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