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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yearling and Older Cleveland Bays

PetersCreek Jasmine May 2005 PURE Cleveland Bay Mare, Stands 17.0 hands. Had a pure colt in 2009. Easy breeder. Bred to CBX f0r 2010, was checked early and not seen her back in heat. (Braithwaite Senator -QA stallion X Whippletree Honeysuckle)
PC Jasmine "PJ"
FrostyOak Gabriella Jan 2007 1/4 CB/TB Mare, Mature around 15.2. Quiet, uncomplicated nature.
FO Gabriella
FO Gabriella
FrostyOak Hannah May 2008 1/4 CB/TB Filly (All Eyez On Me X I Wood) full sister to Ianna, mature 16.1ish
FO Hannah
FrostyOak Garrett May 2008 1/2 CB/TB colt by Quality Approved Stallion (Idlehour Yorktown X I Wood). Quiet and easy to handle. My five year old daughter can lead him around. Mature 16.0
FO Garrett

2009 "I" Foals

FrostyOak Intrepid June 29 2009 PURE Cleveland Bay Colt (Idlehour Lion's Share X Peters Creek Jasmine) Mature 16.2-17.0
FO Intrepid
FO Intrepid
FrostyOak Isaac, May 30 2009, 1/4 CB, 1/4 Welsh, 1/2 TB colt (All Eyez On Me X Silver Snaffles Kristamint) may well stay large pony, he's small!
FO Isaac
FrostyOak Ilizabeth 1/4 CB/TB filly May 10, 2009 (All Eyez On Me X Concrete Angel) Mature 16.0ish
FO Ilizabeth
FrostyOak Ianna May 7, 2009 1/4 CB/TB Filly. (All Eyez On Me X I Wood) Mature 16.1ish
FrostyOak Ian June 14, 2009 1/4 CB/TB/Perch colt. Mature 16.0 (All Eyez On Me X Acceptable Risk)
FO Ianna and FO Ian