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Saturday, December 24, 2005

A Stressful Day for Aspen

Ok so today I tried to add a picture! We'll see if it works. This Frosty, James, Taylor and I at a driving fun show in May. Frosty had just celebrated her 36th birthday a month before.
Today was a day of unloading hay, purchasing and unloading grain, and taking care of burning feed bags. After unloading hay....James went to pick up Taylor at her grandmother's. We took some pictures of Taylor riding Frosty bareback. I will download them this weekend to share. While waiting for them to arrive I went out to feed Aspen, Apple and Jillian and took off their blankets. Of course waiting and having Aspen stand by the gate. I slid up on him bareback, loose, in the field. He ate his grain and then started to go to cross the small stream over to the mares. I was about to jump off, but thought, he's going to be fine. And he was. For about 15 minutes. I just meandered around with him. Peanut me on his back. I think I'm going to start working him again! So later on Tay and I get back with the grain and who is laying flat out in the hay of the round bale but Aspen! We were there about 30 minutes and he never got up. I guess his "workout" got the best of him! Ok I am off to finish presents! Merry Christmas everyone!


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