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Friday, December 23, 2005

Hey, your horses are out!

Well yesterday gram called about 1PM. "Maria, Holly Jumper just called and your horses are out. Two of them." I immediately knew it was Aspen (the stallion) and Apple his percheron wife. Great. I am 50 minutes away. Generally I wouldn't fret, but if Aspen runs the fence line or Apple gets to close Aspen may try to fight the geldings. So I called on Cathy Gray! Trusted friend living down the road. Not only did she get them in, but she also tied rope on each end of the gate so they won't flip the gate again! I guess they were easy to get in....or at least I hope! Everyone seemed fine last night.
This morning the farrier came, but I am at work. I did stop and held two yearlings for James. One had an abscess which is healing nicely, the other just doesn't like her feet done. They were good and then he was doing Sir when I left. Sir was loose in his stall just standing. He has to check poor Tweakers. She is getting her feet trimmed and I think we may just cut the last founder ring off, from when she foundered last May before I got her. She also is three legged lame. So I am hoping that she has an abscess. I told him to look hard! My husband is also unloading 180 bales of hay for me today! We'll get 180 more tomorrow. Then tonight the Christmas party for the kids that ride and board. Fun fun! One of my kids mom's is selling their arab mare. Today I got an email from the lady that raised and bred this mare who is 15 years old now. She wants to buy her for her daughter! Great news and perhaps a Christmas present for TWO families! I have high speed at home now and am on AIM, my user name is equitericmaria if anyone wants to chat!


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